Price list for paid medical services to the foreign citizens


Doctors advice


Gynecology and obstetrics 

Radiographic study

Ultrasound diagnostics

Functional diagnostics

Endoscopic examinations

Laboratory research 




Surgical interventions

All types of medical examinations




We are glad to see you at the following address:

Grodno, Str. Wroblewski, 46/1

(2nd floor, room 212)

phones: +375 152 41 67 42; +375 152 60 75 44



If you need medical care:

1. Contact the room 221, 2nd floor, tel. 80152 41-67-42 for reception and further support

2. Visit the doctor who determines amount of medical examinations

3. See the economist with the list of medical examination (2nd floor, room 212)

4.Pay at the cash-desk (1nd floor)

5. Sign the contract for medical services providing

6. Receive a service


NOTE: You'll receive individual support at all stager


  • Consultations of highly skilled medical specialists (neurosurgeon, traumatologist, urologist, ENT, etc.) from 11 USD
  • Holter monitoring of blood pressure, ECG from 15 USD
  • Ecg with physical activity (bicycle ergometry) from 10 USD
  • Microscopic examination on the "Demodekoz" from 11 USD
  • Determination of tumor markers from USD
  • Determination of blood lipids express method from 14 USD
  • Fluoroscopy and Radiography stomach from 11 USD
  • Ultrasound of internal organs from 11 USD
  • Electrocoagulation and cryosurgery of benign tumors (removal of warts, papillomas, warts) from USD